Lucy Thai’s Steamy Shower

Hey guys and welcome back. Today we have a special show for you, starring this hot, naughty woman, Lucy Thai. Take a look at how she’s moving her big Asian boobs, getting you all so hot. We promise you that you won’t get disappointed.

It’s already night and Lucy is getting ready to go to bed, but before that she will take a nice, hot shower, so that she could have a nice, relaxing sleep. She gets in the tub and turns the water on, she starts pouring it all over her body. She didn’t even noticed that we snuck a peek inside her bathroom. It’s all steamy for the hot water, so we had to get even closer, so take a look at her beautiful sexy figure, all wet and delicious. Then she will turn around and offer you all a great view at her delicious sexy ass. This will get you all so hit, you won’t believe it. Then she will get down, spread her legs and start playing with the shower’s head, getting it closer to her wet pussy and start pouring water all over, adjusting the pressure. Watch her having fun in the shower as she’s taking a hot, steamy bath and don’t forget that she’ll return next week. Until then, stay tuned!

lucy-thai-taking a shower-glamour-models-gone-bad 2

lucy-thai-taking a shower-glamour-models-gone-bad

Watch here sexy Lucy taking a steamy shower!