Glamour Models Gone Bad Shooting With Lucy

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This afternoon, the guys from Glamour Models gave her a call and asked her if she could do some photo shooting for the cover of the new magazine. Lucy Thai quickly agreed, so watch her getting ready to pose nude. She will start moving her body in each and every angle, so that the photograph could take a lot of pictures of her, from every position. Proud and ready to show off her body, you will see her turning around, so that he could take a great view at her sexy, delicious ass. Then watch how she’s squeezing her breast, gently pinching her hard nipples, showing off her sexy breast. Hope you all had a great time watching her sexy body, posing for you and don’t forget that we put on new material every week, so make sure you’ll be around. Until next time,you can visit the site and watch some gorgeous European babes showing off their hot naked bodies!


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