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Last updated: May 31st, 2017
Hey folks an welcome back to another great Lucy Thai video. Once more she’s ready to rock your world, so let’s get started, cause she’s already hot and aroused, ready to devour these three hot studs next to her. So without further ado, let’s watch Lucy getting fucked and creamed!

Today Lucy was feeling so incredibly horny that she knew that one cock is not enough for her, so watch her getting fucked hardcore by these two good looking guys. Check this guy rubbing his large tool between her beautiful breasts, as she’s licking and twisting her tongue around the cock’s head. Meanwhile, her feet are offering the other one a great foojob. It seems like today she wants to please them all. Here you will see these horny guys taking turns in squeezing their hard cocks between her boobs and start fucking her breasts. Check them going on and on until they cover her sexy tits with their creamy load. That was Lucy’s story for today. Hope you all enjoyed watching her getting sprayed with nasty spunk and we’ll see you all again next week. Until then, stay tuned! Bye for now!

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Lucy Thai – Spermbanks Video

Hello guys and welcome once more. Here we bring you another great show, starring your favorite porn star, Lucy Thai, so sit back and watch her giving this guy a great head! She knows exactly how to turn on a guy, so here she will show you her amazing sucking skills and how nasty her sexy mouth is. We promise you’ll have a great time, so stick around!

Right from the beginning you will realize how horny and anxious to fuck their brains out they both are in this incredibly erotic interracial sexual adventure. Today Lucy promised this hot stud that she will fulfill all of his fantasies, so take a look at how she’s getting down on her knees and starts working on his hard cock. Watch her taking this huge black cock inside her mouth and rolling her lips around it, taking it down her throat, offering this guy a great blowjob. Take a look at how he’s pounding her mouth, stuffing his hard cock inside her little mouth, going on and on until he cums and covers her with hot, creamy spunk all over her face! Thank you all for watching this hot show Lucy has put on today especially for you and we’ll see you all next week with more new hot updates just for you. Until then, check out the blog and see a slutty blonde sucking and riding big cocks!

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Glamour Models Gone Bad Shooting With Lucy

Ready for a great show? Hope so, because today we have this hot babe, Lucy Thai, performing yet another one of her wonderful scenes. So sit back and watch Lucy flashing her boobs in front of the camera! We promise you’ll have a great time, so stick around for a great, awesome experience!

This afternoon, the guys from Glamour Models gave her a call and asked her if she could do some photo shooting for the cover of the new magazine. Lucy Thai quickly agreed, so watch her getting ready to pose nude. She will start moving her body in each and every angle, so that the photograph could take a lot of pictures of her, from every position. Proud and ready to show off her body, you will see her turning around, so that he could take a great view at her sexy, delicious ass. Then watch how she’s squeezing her breast, gently pinching her hard nipples, showing off her sexy breast. Hope you all had a great time watching her sexy body, posing for you and don’t forget that we put on new material every week, so make sure you’ll be around. Until next time,you can visit the site and watch some gorgeous European babes showing off their hot naked bodies!


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Lucy Thai Porn – Lesbian Fun

Hey guys and welcome once more. Today we have a great, amazing Lucy Thai porn show just for you, that we know you’re all dying to watch it. We know how much you all enjoy watching Lucy playing with herself, but check it out, today we have a spectacular threesome lesbian show that is going to blow your mind. So without further ado, sit back and watch these three hot babes playing with one another.

This is such a beautiful day and is such a shame to waste it staying in. That exactly what these three thought about, so they packed some tiny clothes and went to the beach to spend an amazing day there. They all love when the sun is caressing their nasty bodies and when the waves and gently touching their legs. They found the perfect place, where no one is around, so they can start having fun now. Watch them all naked, starting to touch and fool around. You’ll see them touching and kissing, taking turns in pleasing one another, having the most wonderful time. That was our show for today. Hope you all enjoyed watching this sensual, really entrancing lesbian adventure and we’ll see you all next week. If you wanna see other beauties getting naked on public beaches, join the website & have fun!lucy-thai-naked-club-thaichix

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Club Thaichix presents Hot Lucy

Hey guys and welcome once more. Today we bring you an amazing show from Club Thaichix, where you’ll see your favorite porn star, Lucy Thai, posing once more just for you. She knows how much you all enjoy watching her body moving and her boobs flashing in front of the camera, and that’s why she will show you yet another one of her wonderful performances. So sit back and watch Lucy showing off her sexy body!

When the camera starts, check our naughty girl, Lucy Thai entering the master bedroom, gently removing her tiny little clothes, revealing her hot, delicious curves. She will get on the bed, and offer you a great view at her hot breasts and naughty, hard nipples. Watch how she moves her hands down and takes off her pink panties, exposing her nasty pussy to you, getting you all aroused by this really ho image. Here she will show you her goods and play with your dirty little mind. She knows how to drive you all so wild, just like the slutty babes from the bikini heat pics, so watch her playing with her breasts and fingering her pussy in a very sensual and passionate manner, full of eroticism and desire. Hope you all had a great time watching Lucy posing in front of the camera and we’ll see you all next week. Until then, stay tuned!lucy-thai-naked

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Lucy Thai – Sensual Massage

This week we have an amazing show for you, starring this hot, sensual woman, Lucy Thai. We know you all enjoy watching her delicious body parading in front of the camera, so that’s why today we have a special production that you surely don’t want to miss, so sit back and watch Lucy massaging her naughty body!

Today she was feeling hot and horny and in need for some great, amazing solo action. She will get all her clothes off and reveal her superb figure, showing off her wonderful breasts and juicy cunt. Watch her moving around, parading in front of the camera, gently touching her hot body. Here you will see her starting to twist her fingers around her nipples, pinching them a little, getting them hard and naughty. Then she will start massaging and squeezing them, in a very sensual and exciting manner which will turn on each and everyone of you. Watch her turning around and offering you a great view at her sexy back, flashing her ass in front of the camera, touching and gently grabbing it. Watch her in this hot, passionate show, and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week. Until then, enter the site and see other gorgeous thai chicks massaging their tits!. lucy-thai-massaging-her-tits-glamour-models-gone-bad

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Strapon Fuck

What a great show we have for you today. We know how much you all enjoy watching this hot, naughty babe, Lucy Thai getting her pussy stuffed, and that’s why today we bring you something special and intense. So sit back and watch Lucy getting fucked with a strapon! Once more we promise you’ll have a great time in her company, cause she knows exactly what to do to get you all excited!

These two hot babes are in the mood to try something hot and adventurous tonight and nothing can stop them. Watch them both in the room, starting to fool around an touch one another’s hot bodies. Take a look at how they start kissing and moving their hands all over, caressing and massaging each other’s tits, kissing and getting both more and more aroused with every touch. Then you will see them taking turns in eating out one another’s pussy, licking and rubbing all over, pleasing one another in a very hot and intense manner. Moments later you will see them adding a little something to this hot, sensual lesbian fun, they want to spice things up a little bit, so watch this hot chocolate hottie putting on a strapon and placing Lucy on top of her. Check out Lucy Thai humping on her and getting her pussy fucked hard. That was our show for today, we hope you all enjoyed watching Lucy riding this big, large dildo and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week. Until then, enter the site and see some hot amateur chicks fucking!lucy-thai-dildo-fuck-zebra-girls

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Favorite Dildo

Get ready for some crazy fun tonight. Lucy Thai is here and she will show you a great time. Once again she is ready to rock your world in each and every possible way. So sit back and watch her playing with her new toy! We promise a night you will never forget!

Today, Lucy when shopping, went from store to store, spending a great amount of money on all kinds of sexy clothes, but of course she couldn’t help herself to go inside her favorite sex shop and check out what’s new. Here she saw a great, new version of a dildo she has at home and since she was pretty please with that one, she told herself a newer version can be nothing but great. She couldn’t wait to get home, so right when she entered her house, she left all her bags in the hallway and went straight to her bedroom to try on her new toy. Anxious she took all her clothes off, revealing her superb body in front of the camera. She gently get the dildo out of the box and shoved it right down her pussy. Watch her pressing and taking it deep inside, adjusting the vibration, getting all entranced. Watch her enjoyed this toy and pleasing her slutty cunt over and over, cuming multiple times. For similar content, watch some pornfidelity videos and see other beauties stuffing their pussies!


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Lucy Thai’s Steamy Shower

Hey guys and welcome back. Today we have a special show for you, starring this hot, naughty woman, Lucy Thai. Take a look at how she’s moving her big Asian boobs, getting you all so hot. We promise you that you won’t get disappointed.

It’s already night and Lucy is getting ready to go to bed, but before that she will take a nice, hot shower, so that she could have a nice, relaxing sleep. She gets in the tub and turns the water on, she starts pouring it all over her body. She didn’t even noticed that we snuck a peek inside her bathroom. It’s all steamy for the hot water, so we had to get even closer, so take a look at her beautiful sexy figure, all wet and delicious. Then she will turn around and offer you all a great view at her delicious sexy ass. This will get you all so hit, you won’t believe it. Then she will get down, spread her legs and start playing with the shower’s head, getting it closer to her wet pussy and start pouring water all over, adjusting the pressure. Watch her having fun in the shower as she’s taking a hot, steamy bath and don’t forget that she’ll return next week. Until then, stay tuned!

lucy-thai-taking a shower-glamour-models-gone-bad 2

lucy-thai-taking a shower-glamour-models-gone-bad

Watch here sexy Lucy taking a steamy shower!


Lucy’s Rough Fuck

After a long day at the office, this hot babe, Lucy Thai needed only when thing when she got home. A great fuck to get her all relaxed. So watch her stuffing her pussy with this hard, large cock!

Even when she’s awfully tired, that is something she would never refuse. So after removing her clothes, watch her approaching the bed and starting to suck on his hard cock, getting it all stiffed and ready for some hardcore fuck. Watch how she will twist her tongue around the cock’s head and taking it all in, down her throat. Then they will move to a deep, intense penetration. She wants to feel him hard and rough inside her, so watch her turning around, leaning a bit forward, so that he could enter her delicious, wet pussy. Take a look at how he starts pounding her, going harder and faster as she’s moaning in pleasure, screaming for more. He will not stop until she gets her all covered with hot cream. Thank you all for watching Lucy’s hard fuck and we’ll see you all next week. Until then, stay tuned! Also you can join the site and see other slutty teens getting their tight holes stretched!

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